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5. Nasza szkoła

Schools of T.O.E.:

Primary school

If you wish to learn a great deal while playing and discovering the world – become a student of our school.

The school mission! Together with parents we support the intelectual, spiritual and physical development of pupils encouraging them to explore independently. Acknowledging traditional Polish values, we form tolerant attitudes towards other cultures, nations, promoting proecological pose and a healthy lifestyle.

Program of school

The Teachers' Committee has worked out a compact instructive - educational programme realising the school's priorities:

· Awakening and strengthening of individual interests and explorations
· Forming respectful attitudes towards Polish traditions and values
· Creating attiutudes of tolerance towards other cultures and nations
· Forming proecological pose and a healthy lifestyle

The frames of this programme also include the canon of touring trips, summer and winter camps, preventive and "How to learn" programs. These schemes include realization of additional activities: Saturday trips, so called green schools and summer trips.

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Learned Society „Education” (Towarzystwo Oświatowe „Edukacja”)

came into existence In 1991. On 25th of April of that year it was officially registered by The District Caurt of Lodz. Since that very day the aniversary of primary and secondary schools has been this symbolic date. Among the first charter members of the Society were the parenst and the teachers.

The purchase of building in 2/4 Inżynierska street. Since that year T.O. “Edukacja”, as the pioneers of non-pubilc schools in Lodz, has possessed its own building, which also seats the Society.


The price - Józef Antoni Poniatowski

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